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We have gathered together a list of resources available across Ontario and online.

Our PRIMED Guide

Primed Guide

Primed: A Sex Guide for Trans Men Into Men was the first sexual health resource written by and for gay, bi and queer trans men. It was first published in 2007, and updated in 2015. Based on an Ontario-wide assessment of the sexual health needs of gay, bi and queer trans men, Primed prioritizes our diverse bodies, desires, and sexualities. This resource will spark discussion about the many ways that trans men have sex and how we interact with our gay/queer men's communities.

Topics covered in the guide include: disclosure, finding sex and cruising, safer sex and harm reduction, HIV and other STIs, and more!

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Intro to trans issues

HIV/STI Testing

Cruising Culture/Cis gay Culture

Unplanned pregnancy

Hormone Injection and Needle Exchanges

Substance Use

Sex Work

HIV Stigma, Criminalization, and the Law


Resources in French

Resources for survivors of sexual and domestic violence

Finding local trans resources

Finding a primary care provider

Online community

Sexual Health

HIV/AIDS and sexual health care for trans people

Gay/bi/queer trans men

Sexual health information in your area

Find HIV/AIDS and sexual health information in your area

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